Press Releases

07/01/15: Response to 2016-17 Biennial Budget Amended Sub HB 64 as Signed by Governor Kasich (View)

"We thank Governor Kasich and leadership and members of the Ohio House and Senate for their hard work during this budget process and their willingness to stand in solidarity with the two million of their constituents struggling with hunger. Thanks to this vital support, our network can continue to answer the call for the one in six Ohioans that don't always know where their next meal will come from."

06/26/15: Response to Today's U.S. Supreme Court King vs. Burwell Ruling (View)

"As an organization that operates Ohio's largest federal Navigator program - and an organization that witnesses the importance of access to affordable health care every day - we are pleased that today's U.S. Supreme Court ruling solidifies access to subsidies that put health coverage within reach for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans."

06/19/15: Response to Passage of Amended Substitute HB 64 by Ohio Senate (View)

"With the passage of Amended Substitute H.B. 64, which includes an increase in funding for Ohio’s foodbanks, Ohio senators have demonstrated that they recognize the importance of addressing hunger head-on. On behalf of our network and the people we serve, I want to thank the entire Ohio Senate, including members of Senate leadership, for standing in solidarity with families struggling to put nutritious food on the table." 

06/16/15: Response to Acceptance of Ohio Senate Finance Committee Omnibus Amendment to Amended Substitute HB 64 (View)
06/04/15: Advocates for Ohio's Future holds press conference on state budget (View)
04/23/15: Response to Amended HB 64 as Passed by Ohio House (View)

"On behalf of our network, I want to thank the entire Ohio House of Representatives for the time, energy and considerations they invested throughout this budget process. Thank you for recognizing the devastating and lasting impacts that hunger has on long-term educational achievement, worker productivity and health outcomes and the importance of taking action against the hunger crisis in Ohio," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.

04/15/15: Media Statement in Response to 2016-17 Biennial Budget as Proposed by Ohio House (View)

"We are profoundly thankful that Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, members of House leadership, Representative Ryan Smith, finance chairman, and members of the Ohio House Finance Health and Human Services Subcommittee, including Representative Robert Sprague, chairman, and Representatives Mark Romanchuk, Nickie Antonio, Barbara Sears and Emilia Sykes, demonstrated their support for hungry Ohioans by proposing an additional $2.75 million per year in the 2016-17 budget for Ohio's foodbanks. It took courage to stand up for vulnerable individuals and families that are often otherwise left in the shadows."

04/14/15: New Reports Show Hunger Remains Alarmingly High Across Ohio (View)

"We may be six years out from the end of the Great Recession, but the economy has not recovered for everyone," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. "More than one in six Ohioans still struggle just to afford enough food for themselves and their families, and they are forced to make tough choices every day to cope." 

02/27/15: Ohio Hunger Factors Index Released (View)

Three key economic variables were identified as being linked to food insecurity. Those variables, including median household income and the rate of poverty and unemployment, are analyzed in the annual Hunger Factors Index released today by the Ohio Association of Foodbanks. In 2013, Ohio's Hunger Factors Index value was 13.02. Comparatively, the index value in 2007, prior to the recession, was 8.96.

02/20/15: Fourth Annual Summer Food Summit Takes Place During Record Low Temperatures (View)
12/17/14: Ohioans Losing Ground with Stagnant Wages, Nearly 200 Million Fewer Meals (View)

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks today released a research brief that examines what happens when stagnant wages meet cuts and changes to food assistance. The result? Nearly 200 million fewer meals and $477 million in lost revenue and economic growth since November 2013.

12/04/14: New ACS Data Reveal Increase in Need for Foodbanks in Every Metro (View)

2013 5-year American Community Survey estimates released today show an increase in the number of individuals living in households with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level in every Metropolitan Statistical Area in the state, when compared to 2009 5-year estimates. So it's no surprise that five years out from the end of the Great Recession, Ohio's 12 Feeding America foodbanks and their member food pantries are providing help with food to more Ohioans than ever before.

10/31/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014 Study Released (View)

Ohio's data from Feeding America's Hunger in America 2014 study, available only once every four years, was the subject of a press conference held today at the Ohio Statehouse. The study found that more than one in six Ohioans, or more than 2 million people, stand in the state's emergency food lines each year.

09/19/14: New Poverty Data Indicate One-Third of Ohioans Eligible for Emergency Food (View)
09/09/14: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Awarded $2.18 Million Federal Navigator Grant (View)
09/04/14: Continuing high rate of food insecurity in Ohio brings together advocates, providers (View)
08/26/14: New Cuts to Food Aid in Ohio Should Not Go Forward (View)

Citing a weak job market and a mounting threat that basic human needs are not being met in Ohio, human services advocates and others today called on the Kasich administration to reconsider its decision and to push for full federal food assistance in all Ohio counties.

06/03/14: Just One in Ten Eligible Kids Accessing Summer Meals in Ohio (View)

The Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation report released today indicates that just one in ten eligible kids participated in summer meals programs in Ohio in 2013. "We have to work urgently to reach more children with nutritious meals during the summer months," said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt.

05/21/14: Statement in Support of Increase to State EITC (View)
04/18/14: Food costs on the rise; Food insecurity rates in Ohio remain high (View)
04/04/14: Still Time to File Taxes Free (View)
03/19/14: Working Together to Reach More Hungry Kids This Summer (View)
03/12/14: Response to Governor Kasich's Mid-Biennium Review (View)
02/25/14: Response to State of the State Address from Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
01/23/14: Governor Provides Shelf-Stable Meals, Produce to Kids (View)
11/01/13: SNAP Cuts to Hurl Ohioans Over Hunger Cliff (View)
10/22/13: Hunger advocates to deliver messages on paper plates to congressional offices (View)
10/02/13: Navigator Program Certification Completed (View)
09/20/13: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Dismayed by Passage of Harmful Nutrition Bill in House (View)
09/19/13: More Than One in Four Households with Children in Ohio Report Inability to Afford Enough Food (View)
09/05/13: Food Insecurity on the Rise in Ohio (View)
08/16/13: Federal Navigator Grants Awarded: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Receives $1.95 Million (View)
08/15/13: Ohio First Lady Karen Kasich Announces FeedOhio Campaign (View)
06/21/13: Statement from Lisa Hamler-Fugitt: Congress Out of Touch With Average Ohioans (View)
06/11/13: Reports show hunger remains high in Ohio, especially among kids (View)
06/07/13: In spite of widespread support, Ohio Senate fails to increase funding for foodbanks (View)
05/24/13: Governor Kasich Signs Executive Order to Support Hunger Relief in Ohio (View)
05/11/13: Statewide School Business Management Foundation Raises Over $13K for Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
05/10/13: SNAP Cuts Threaten Despite Public Support for Program (View)
05/09/13: Ohio farmers donate more than 750,000 eggs to Ohio foodbanks (View)
01/30/13: Governor Kasich provides up to $1.5 million for summer food for kids (View)
01/25/13: Ohio Focused on Feeding More Kids This Summer (View)
01/11/13: Ohio Free My Tax Refund Day on February 2 (View)
12/07/12: Report Finds SNAP Allotments Seriously Inadequate (View)
10/22/12: Local Potato Farm Hails Ohio Foodbanks (View)
10/04/12: United Producers, Inc. to Partner with Ohio Association of Foodbanks (View)
09/27/12: Recent Data Points to Need for Continued Focus on Hunger Relief (View)
09/05/12: Prevalence of Food Insecurity in Ohio Remains High (View)
08/22/12: Nearly One in Five American Households Report Inability to Afford Enough Food During First Six Months of 2012 (View)
07/06/12: Ohio Association of Foodbanks Awarded AmeriCorps State Grant (View)
06/28/12: Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks Joins No Kid Hungry Ally Program (View)
06/08/12: Participation in Summer Meals in Ohio Continues to Fall Short (View)
06/04/12: 174 AmeriCorps VISTA Members Deployed to Fight Childhood Hunger (View)
05/24/12: Ohio Veterans Encouraged to Access Education Benefits (View)
05/18/12: Governor Kasich Issues Executive Order for $1 million to feed hungry children (View)
05/18/12: Ohio Egg Farmers Make a 1.5 Million Egg Commitment to Ohio Foodbanks (View)
04/27/12: Hunger on the Rise in Ohio (View)
04/05/12: In Ohio Walmart Provides $32.8 Million to Charitable Organizations During Last Fiscal Year (View)
04/02/12: New Report on Impact of Proposed Budget Details Grim Portrait for Struggling Ohioans (View)
03/14/12: OASHF Media Statement: Agencies Without Walls (View)
03/09/12: OASHF to Hire 165 AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates (View)
02/27/12: Report Shows Food Hardship in Ohio Remains High (View)
02/23/12: Bipartisan National Service Champions Honored at Friends of National Service Awards Reception (View)
01/30/12: 2012 SFSP Summit Press Release (View)
01/10/12: OASHF Receives Funds from Walmart to Fight Hunger in Ohio (View)
01/09/12: Ohioans Can File Taxes for Free Using The Ohio Benefit Bank (View)
12/20/11: We Are Ohio Provides OASHF with $10,000 to Help Fight Hunger (View)
12/14/11: Statement in Response to Governor John R. Kasich's Signed Executive Order Supporting Hunger Relief (View)
11/21/11: At Thanksgiving and All Year Long - Foodbanks Applaud Dedication of Cooper Farms Partnership (View)
11/01/11: Ohio Hog Farmers Come to the Table to Fight Hunger (View)
10/28/11: Hunger Among Ohio's Greatest Generation Steers Summit (View)
10/18/11: OASHF Named a Champion of Public Health (View)
10/03/11: Statement in Reponse to the Draft FY2012 Labor, Health and Human Services Funding Bill (View)
09/30/11: Pick a Bag for the Hungry Event (View)
09/22/11: Statement on the Release of the American Community Survey (View)
09/09/11: Governor Kasich Declares September Hunger Action Month (View)
07/21/11: Ohio's First Lady and Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Visit Produce to People Distribution (View)