10/30/15: Summer Meals Programs for Children: Summer 2015 (View)
10/30/15: SFY 2015 Annual Report (View)
10/30/15: Summer Rural Delivery Meals Program Participant Survey Results (View)

Thanks to the support of a No Kid Hungry Out of School Time Local Impact grant from Share Our Strength, we surveyed parents/guardians of participating children at select summer rural delivery meals program locations to measure program participant demographics, program satisfaction, and program need and impact.

01/07/15: Great American Milk Drive Resources (View)

The Great American Milk Drive is the first-ever nationwide program to deliver highly desired and nutrient-rich gallons of milk to hungry families that need it. The American Dairy Association Mideast is partnering with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks to promote the Great American Milk Drive in the Buckeye state. ADA Mideast has designed posters with basic information about the campaign and about the best foods to donate to foodbanks. Please feel free to download and share your foodbank's poster!

Please also take a look at the video about the Great American Milk Drive prepared by ADA Mideast!

10/14/15: 2014-15 Report on Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents in Franklin County (View)
05/19/15: Testimony by Lisa Hamler-Fugitt on Amended HB 64 (View)
03/11/15: Testimony by Lisa Hamler-Fugitt on HB 64 (View)
03/10/15: Work Experience Program 2013-15 Report (View)
12/18/14: Losing Ground -- Research Brief, December 2014 (View)
12/08/14: Work Experience Program 2013-14 Report (View)
12/08/14: YouthCorps 2014 Impact Report (View)
12/05/14: Poverty by County (2013 American Community Survey Five-Year Estimates) (View)

Mapping the percentage of individuals in households with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, the eligibility threshold for receiving assistance from Ohio's foodbanks.

10/30/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014: Executive Summary (View)
10/30/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014: Full Technical Report (View)
10/01/14: SFY 2014 Annual Report (View)
09/30/14: Summer Meals Programs for Children: Summer 2014 (View)
09/04/14: FY2014 Independent Economic Impact Analysis on Food Programs (View)
09/04/14: Tackling Child Hunger in Ohio (View)

What's Working and How Can We Improve? A brief co-released by the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and Voices for Ohio's Children.

08/29/14: Governor Kasich Signs Hunger Action Month Proclamation (View)

Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor signed a proclamation declaring September 2014 Hunger Action Month throughout Ohio, encouraging all citizens to take part in its observance.

08/20/14: Request for Funding in 2016-17 State Biennial Budget (View)
08/20/14: Endorsement Form for 2016-17 State Budget Request (View)
04/30/14: Ohio Foodbanks Child Nutrition Programs (View)
01/25/14: 2007 - 2012 Hunger Factors Index (View)

The Hunger Factors Index, developed by economist Howard Fleeter, provides a way to evaluate how the underlying economic factors that influence hunger have changed in Ohio since the recession of 2008 and 2009.

11/01/13: SFY 2013 Annual Report (View)
09/30/13: Summer Meals Programs for Ohio Children (View)
08/20/13: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ARRA Benefit Cuts (View)
03/19/13: Independent Economic Analysis of OFPACP (View)
01/15/13: Hunger Talks 2013 (View)

Real stories of hunger and its root causes, from the Ohio Association of Foodbanks

12/31/12: Replacing the Thrifty Food Plan in Order to Provide Adequate Allotments for SNAP (FRAC, full report) (View)
12/31/12: Replacing the Thrifty Food Plan in Order to Provide Adequate Allotments for SNAP (FRAC, summary) (View)
11/28/12: Hunger in Ohio (View)
11/20/12: AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates: Final Report 2012 (View)
11/16/12: Letters from Ohio Congressional Members in Support of Protecting SNAP Benefits for Ohioans (View)
11/13/12: SFY 2014-15 Budget Request (View)
11/13/12: Petition to Support Ohio's Hunger Relief Providers (View)
10/31/12: Annual Report Released for State Fiscal Year 2012 (View)
SFY 2012 Annual Report
10/31/12: Summer Food Program Impact Report (View)
08/31/12: Nearly 32% of Ohioans eligible for emergency food assistance (View)
08/31/12: AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate Impact Report (View)
05/16/12: OASHF Fact Sheet (View)
01/11/12: OASHF SFY 2011 Annual Report Executive Summary (View)
01/26/11: OASHF SFY 2010 Annual Report (View)
11/01/09: OASHF SFY 2009 Annual Report (View)
10/03/11: Save Service in America: Ohio (View)
04/01/11: Economic Impact of The Ohio Benefit Bank: Technical Report (View)
04/01/11: Economic Impact of The Ohio Benefit Bank Executive Summary (View)
05/01/10: Hunger in America: 2010 Executive Summary (View)
Feeding America
05/01/10: Hunger in Ohio: 2010 Highlights (View)

01/31/10: Hunger in America 2010: Ohio (9936) State Report (View)
Mathematica Policy Research