July 17, 2019
Press Statement: Ohio's Foodbanks Grateful for State Budget Support

"The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, its 12 member foodbanks and 3,500 non-profit and faith-based charities extend our deepest appreciation to the Ohio General Assembly and Governor DeWine for their commitment to Ohioans facing hunger." 

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June 9, 2019
Editorial from The Dispatch: Lawmakers, don't make it harder to feed hungry families

"SNAP benefits are paid by the federal government. Any reduction in SNAP caseloads due to stricter HB 200 requirements would save federal funds but increase state and county costs to administer the program. Members of the General Assembly need look no further than an analysis by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission to judge whether the questionable benefits of HB 200 — if there are any — are greater than the costs."

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June 7, 2019
Letter: Ohio should not limit SNAP eligibility

"House Bill 200 would create an expensive new bureaucracy that will cost Ohio taxpayers millions. Grocery stores would lose millions in federally funded SNAP benefits, leading to lost jobs, lost local tax revenue and store closures. Taking food away from hungry people living on the brink does not promote work — it just drives more people to our food pantry lines."

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