August 11, 2016
Program Helps Ohio's Hungry Enjoy Nature's Harvest

The value of fresh, local food is being celebrated during National Farmers Market Week, but lower-income Ohioans are often unable to partake in nature's harvest. The Agricultural Clearance Program works to solve those problems by making local farmers' excess produce available to Ohioans who struggle to get by, including the one in six considered food insecure.

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July 30, 2016
Weekend food program offered by NOCAC

The bag children get have a lot of items inside that would appeal to their appetites. "My big thing is quality," said Weber. "You get the food in these bags that are very kid-friendly. There's little single bowls of Lucky Charms in there and soups. I was impressed by how well the beef stew tasted."

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July 27, 2016
The Slow-Moving Disaster Happening at Farms Around America

In Ohio, Erin Wright oversees the Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program, which serves as a direct link between farmers with excess produce and foodbanks that provide food to hungry Ohioans. "It helps them out, it helps us out, it helps the clients out and helps sustainability across the board for everyone," Wright told HuffPost.

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