May 24, 2017
Editorial from The Vindicator in Youngstown: Valley has 87,350 reasons for stable aid to foodbanks

"For state senators looking for a rationale to undo the harm the state House seeks to inflict on Ohio's network of foodbanks, we can easily point to 1,852,870 good reasons in Ohio, including 87,350 right here in the Mahoning Valley. These food-insecure residents of the Valley and their supporters are counting on state senators to do the right thing."

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May 23, 2017
Press Statement: Our Response to Proposals to Cut SNAP Included in President's Budget

"In Ohio, more than 84 percent of all SNAP participants are children, seniors or people living with disabilities. What happens to these households, who already live on the brink, when they lose 25 percent of their SNAP benefits? Members of Congress should take note: Community members across Ohio won't stand for this shameful attack on our loved ones and neighbors."

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May 20, 2017
Editorial from the Akron-Beacon Journal: Help foodbanks meet the need

"Sufficient food translates to better health. It enhances looking for employment and keeping a job. It frees room in limited household budgets to cover the costs of other basics, including housing. For children, it means performing better in school. More, all of us benefit. The reductions [in federal SNAP benefits] in recent years have resulted in fewer sales for grocers and retailers, diminished sales tax revenue and less economic activity. It makes sense then for the Ohio Senate to step up."

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